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Seminario "MUSEUMS AND INNOVATION" 28/29 novembre 2014

Venerdì 28/11, come intervento finale, i bibliotecari della BUST parteciperanno al seminario internazionale Museums and Innovation: The contribution of digital technologies to the development of the social and cultural role of Museums a cura della prof.ssa Elena Corradini direttrice del Master in Catalogazione e accessibilità del patrimonio culturale.

Interaction between libraries and museums

Laura Montinaro, Michele Pola


This is a report about the collaboration between The Library of Science and Technology “Enzo Ferrari” and “Master in cataloguing and accessibility of cultural heritages” faculty at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, regarding an Information Literacy course for Master’s students.

In their future working life, Master’s students will be engaged in cultural assets promotion, such as organizing exhibitions and cultural events, editing institutional web contents, setting cultural paths. Librarians have always played a key role in developing individuals’ information literacy capabilities and can empower cultural workers to become information literate.

Information seeking process is a five steps path: recognizing information needs, retrieving information, locating information, evaluating information, using information critically.

Library courses cover the following general themes:

  • Starting point: Wikipedia and encyclopedias
  • Acquiring terminology in Italian and in English
  • State-of-art: databases, scientific journals and information evaluation
  • Writing a bibliography with Reference manager software
  • Copyright issues hints

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